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Dear Reader,

Have you ever noticed how Blessings seem to come in disguise? I mean, obviously, this is a cliché saying, but have you ever truly noticed the disguises in which they come? Often dressed in Halloween attire no matter what the time of year is; the best biggest and brightest of Blessings playing to be these horrible life shattering monstrosities. Better yet, have you ever wondered why blessings come in disguise? If they are so virtuous, why would they not dress themselves in cute fabrics of happiness and pleasant top hats filled & bubbling out with goodness every time they tip their hats to people? Why would they not stand at the street corners shouting, “I AM THAT WHICH MAKES YOUR LIFE WORTH LIVING, COME NOW, AND GAIN YOUR ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’!”?

Well, I have habitually wondered exactly that. Upon my pondering I believe I have come across the reason in which angel-faced Blessings are ever so shy not to show their cherubesque faces sans their grubby little disguises. It would seem to me that such superb beauty would be lost on those who simply expect to bask in the glorious presence of these crafty Blessings. It would also seem to me that the people who welcome in the sludge covered monstrosity looking matters into their lives, the people who flinch not away from the devil looking buggers but instead seek to tailor down, and build back up these sly hidden treasures would be all the more delighted at the unveiling of each and every disguised Blessing. It seems that the type of people who take on the responsibility of harboring the seemingly filth ridden creatures with no more intent than to hope against hope that their lives and the lives of those around them might be a smidge more bearable when it comes time to rest one’s head at nightfall are all the more gleeful when the rascally Blessings shake themselves free of that which seemed hopelessly doom provoking, and reveal itself in its full shimmering glory to those deemed, through trial and misfortune, worthy.

So the next time you find yourself face to face with an impish creature of disaster do not crumble to the ground and sulk, grab at the mucky thing which blocks your path to all that is within your dreams. Throw yourself into its murky radiance and refuse to let it go until it agrees to shed its costume of nightmares and pessimism and shows itself for what it truly is – happy reality, well deserved accomplishments, and Blessings with clever little disguises.

Kae Cee