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[This poem was written circa late 2008 – early 2009.]

One night it all started, in the same it seemed to end.
But a girl this determined can alter fate equal to a god send.
She liked him and wanted him. It was the rhythm of his body,
so smoothly and skillfully she scoped him out in the party.
His moves – seductive, and kind of entrancing,
such heart in his steps, while he focused on her dancing.
She was past buzzing, and he was kinda high,
but she’ll never forget his touch as he kissed her goodbye.
One night it started, but no one could predict
how it would unfold, how she would lose her grip.
This girl right here, she was no typical dater.
She called the shots and the guys just obeyed her.
The beauty of her ways, is that they never truely know
She stays so discrete that they think they have control.
But this particular night, would change all of that.
He was another breed, and it kinda threw her back.
She liked it when she realized, he wasn’t playing by her rules.
It drove her crazy. The way he, acted so cool.
Like she really didn’t matter, like she was just another toy,
but she’s smarter than that and she caught onto his ploy.
She picked up on his changes, and read deep in his eyes
then she stayed standing like she had no hidden drives.
So one night it started, but one day will be the payoff.
Until then she’ll ignore her emotions and pretend she plans to layoff.
Ignoring the feelings in her heart, that he is what she needs.
She’ll let time go by, not forgetting that he’s a special breed,
one she knows is so complex, and hopefully worth the wait.
She’s done all she can do for now, to put her spin on fate.