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Hello there,

So as you’re about to find out, I’m a bit of a bibliophilist (some people use the word bibliophile, but I just can’t stop thinking of other more widely used terms that end in ‘phile’ that I’d rather not be associated with). That being said, I have decided to go on a mission to track down some horcruxes. Hmmm… My Microsoft word is trying to tell me that horcrux is not a word.  Blasphemy! (Right click, add to dictionary, much better!) Anyways, so yes, horcruxes; and by horcruxes I really mean to say that I have begun a mission to track down first prints of all 7 of the Harry Potter books and I’d like to share my journey with you all! As I share said journey if you know something about the first print world, or Harry Potter world that I may have missed please, please share as this is my first First Print Finding Mission and I plan to make something of a lifelong hobby out of this thang. Also, eventually I’d like to hone in on the UK versions, but for now I will start with the easier of the two – the US version.

I plan to use eBay, craigslist, and local used book stores to track these little beauties down; and I’ve already claimed two of the 7! Although, only one has truly been vanquished, this is to say only one has actually crossed the threshold of my doorstep so far. The one I have received is of course the easiest one and one of least worth – The Deathly Hallows. Here is a picture of it for your Pott(er) Head viewing enjoyment!

Deathly Hallows

So, I got this one off of eBay for $25 bucks. As you can see, it has the raised diamond pattern on the binding indicative of not being a Book Club copy, which would make it of less value because they printed more copies of those. It also has the raised foil “Harry Potter” on the dust jacket! Weee! 🙂 Oh, funny little tid-bit about how I got this – I ordered it off of eBay and when I received it, it was triple wrapped! I was a bit touched that I had received the book from someone who deemed it important enough to protect it so well, either that or they were toying with me, which is fine!

I’m still deciding what to do with my old copies of the books when they are replaced, I might keep them, but maybe I’ll give them away..

Well, until next time my lovely!


Kae Cee