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Hi readers!

So I was having this conversation with a couple of ladies that I work with and I thought I’d share this idea with you girls. Sorry guys, you’ll have to sit this one out. Or not, no judgment!

So ladies, if you are single I highly suggest investing in a “first date outfit”. This outfit is going to be that one outfit that you put on and look in the mirror and think to yourself ‘damn, I’m a knock out!’. It compliments all the features you like, its comfortable but still sexy, and it helps boost your confidence. This outfit is going to be your go-to. First dates are stressful! You’re worrying about where you’re going, how to get there? What time? What to talk about? How are you going to do your hair? And God knows what else you’ve got going on that week. Well now you’ve got an outfit that you know you can fall back on.

You’re going to want to pick an outfit that’s versatile, one that would be good for the movies, a cocktail lounge, or of course a sushi restaurant (seriously, what is up with boys and sushi-first-dates!).  For example, my go-to first date outfit is a black lace cami (Forever 21) under a neutral brown and black striped blouse that does this little gathery thing at the chest (H&M). I almost always wear it with my Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel bra because well, let’s be honest it adds a cup size that I really need. I pair that with either my black shorts from Love Culture (when its hotter), or a pair of white skinny jeans from Forever 21 (when its colder), and some black Ballet Flats (hot weather) or black boots (colder months).

The shirt hugs my waistline which is small, but the airiness of the top draws away from the fact that not only do I have a dancer’s body, but I’ve a dancer’s bra size too. I personally love the lace cami because it can’t always be seen but it sets off a bit of a sultry teasingly-classy tone on the occasion where I might lean in too far, or the top gets moved in the wrong way. I always go with the black shorts in the summer, or the white skinny jeans in the colder months because I just feel like denim isn’t the best choice for first dates. Colored pants always give off a ‘why-yes-I-do-know-what-I’m-doing’ vibe. But unfortunately I’m not exactly a fashionista, so I stick to the neutral colors just to be on the safe side. When I’m feeling a little bit more daring, or when I find I’ve got the time I add cute accessories like a bracelet with a pop or color, or a thin waist belt.

The most important thing is that I feel like an absolute fox in the outfit, especially when I’m rocking the skinny jeans! So hit your closet, hit the mall and start piecing together a great outfit that compliments your body type, and that you feel comfortable in, label that the first date outfit, and stop stressing so much about the details. Now that you’re sure you look great you can devote a little more time to more important things – like enjoying your date!

If you take my advice please let me know what you’ve come up with either in the comments section or even feel free to link me if you decide to do your own First Date Outfit blog post!


Kae Cee