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Hey world,

So here goes my unoriginal ‘what I’m thankful for’ Blog Post. Enjoy guys!

All jokes aside, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, possibly my favorite one. It’s a day after my own heart, where you gather up the people you love and simply say “hey, I’m thankful for you”. It’s a very powerful holiday in my eyes and one that is pure in sentiment. Valentine’s Day has been turned into this crazy day where people feel pressured to make grandiose gestures that they might not even wholeheartedly feel like doing, and Christmas has become just another consumer holiday as well. Thanksgiving though, it’s incorruptible – a day of thanks, as simple as that. For me Thanksgiving is such an emotional holiday, for some reason it always has been. There is nothing in my life that I love more than to be surrounded by my family (and eating). Anyways on this day I simply want to take the time out to talk about some things I’m thankful for. This year it is especially important to me because I’ve had some pretty big moments, but first let’s start with the everyday stuff.

These are the things that keep me going. The love and support of my family, which I know everyone says but I wish I could make you feel what my family makes me feel every day. From the little things like the heart-to-hearts that my older brother and I have while driving around, or my little brother insisting on buying his older sister her favorite boba, the “don’t forget to take your multivitamin” texts that my mom to this day sends to me, and the constant times that my dad and I have our weird parallel brain wave moments. All of these things I’m so blessed to receive on a daily basis and if that’s not humbling enough I have this wonderful connection in my life with my extended family that many people don’t even have with their immediate family. I have these great cousins that if you saw us together you’d swear we’d somehow tricked some weaver of the fates to allow us all to walk through life together, aunts and uncles so full of love who welcome us into their homes as if we were their own children, and of course no one could forget the Matriarch of the family. My sweet Grandmother with her lead foot screaming at the little old ladies who drive way too slow; my dear Grandmother who peer pressures me into taking cinnamon liquor and tequila shots with her, no there is no forgetting her unconditional love. Then there’s my amazing niece, oh I could write a book on the love and wonder I have for that little girl with her constant inquisitions and realizations of the world around her. Amazing is truly the only word that I see fit to describe her; it’s what she’s constantly doing to the people around her – amazing us. It’s hard to believe the girl is only four years old. Then there’s my dad’s girlfriend who is a constant reminder to me of what love truly is. Not only in the way she loves my dad but the way that she has opened up her heart to my brothers and I, the way she loves her daughter, and the little things she does every day that I don’t even think she’s aware of. In a perfect world every person would be surrounded with family members just like mine, and would be just as thankful as I am to have them every day at my side.

As if I didn’t have enough people in my life to be thankful for, I’ve managed to find these magnificent people to connect with during various years of my life. A soul-mate I have found through working during college, we don’t talk often but it’s not needed with her. It’s a constant and quiet bond we share, but one of the strongest that I have because there is absolutely no reason for it to exist – it simply does. Then there are the forever friends that I’ve found through an organization that I joined during college, we’ve bonded through long hours of planning events, and late nights of partying after the success of said events. Sisters found through a sorority who proved to me that through thick and thin I could always lean on them.  Then there are recent friends, of whom I’ve bonded with over hours of shouting at imaginary passengers to jump, jump head first feet up, 😉 and eating our favorite chicken tenders and mac and cheese night after night; and day after day of muffins in cups and the battle of constant coffee consumption and way too few bathroom breaks. I am also thankful to have friends of whom I’ve hap hazardously found along the way, those who I’ve bonded with at summer pool parties and winter bon fires or met through various community events. These are the people in my life who I’m blessed to be connected to through mutual interest, and I’m thankful for each and every one of them.

And if for a second I thought that having people like that in my life wasn’t enough I have other little things in my life to also count as blessings deserving thanks. Small everyday things like a roof over my head and nutella and my stomach – no seriously I’ve gone through, like, half a jar this week alone. Then there are things that I have the luxury of not being able to resist like shoe sales, and cupcake trucks, oh and Starbucks.  I’m thankful for abstract things like music, love, and excitement, and concrete things like smiles, hugs, and moving walk ways in airports, we’ll just add KCM check points to that list while we’re at it.

Then there are big things in my life that I’m thankful for like flight benefits that allow me to visit friends who live far away on their birthday, and this amazing career that I seem to have fallen into that has placed the entire world at my fingertips and made my life-long dream of travelling every-freakin-where much easier to obtain. Things like cultural awareness events, and free museums, nights of dancing with the girls, phone conversations with loved ones, celebratory ceremonies, and any other excuse we can find to get dolled up and party the night away. I’m thankful to have people in this world, and more importantly in this country, who fight for those who can’t, who look out for each other, and just good people in general who pay it forward. I’m thankful for major and minor volunteer efforts and for people’s ability to rally after devastating occurrences and walk out stronger, closer, better, than they were before.

This and every day I look back at my life and have ridiculous amounts of things to thank God for, many of which keep me wondering how a person could deserve to be blessed so greatly. Then again, some questions in life are better left unasked. My wish to you on this Thanksgiving Day is that your life be blessed with things to be thankful for just as much as mine is. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.