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Soo I discovered white chai tea a couple months ago and I’ve decided that it was somewhat like finding out that your super-fun-party-girl friend has a twin sister who’s been away at some Ivy League college while we all putzed around at Arizona State (shout out to all my Sun Devils!!). Now she’s come to visit and although she’s also pretty fun and great company she’s more laid back, and not as intense as her sister is.

You’ve got your girl BCT (black chai tea, duhh) and she’s always down for shenanigans. When you have a bachelorette party you definitely want this girl there. When your Wednesday morning class cancels (because that’s the excuse we’re going to use here), and you want to go out on a Tuesday night you are going to want to text BCT because she will always know where the party’s at. She’s never sloppy drunk either. You never have to worry about having to carry her home or hold her hair back. BCT is freakin’ tank! And a fabulous dancer. She also somehow manages to also bang out good grades, even though you’ve never once caught her actually studying.

Then, you’ve got her sister WCT (you’re a smarty pants you can figure out the acronym) who you had such a good time hanging out with while she visited for that weekend that you added her on Facebook so you two could keep in touch. That is where you learned just how complex this girl really is. Where BCT is somehow super intelligent, but often times its hidden behind her seemingly constant partying and random tomfoolery. WCT hides nothing. She studies often, parties sometimes, and is never afraid to show whatever side of herself she’s feeling that day. Everyone is well aware of all of her little nuances, and they complement her personality perfectly.

The crazy thing though, is that by getting to know her twin sister it also reveals a lot about your good old party girl friend BCT. Then the three of you run off into the summer, filled with excitement and ready to tackle adventure… probably because of all the caffeine.