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We’ve all heard of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it really truly sucks. It sucks the fun out of your life, it sucks the energy from your body, it sucks the patience from your heart. You can’t figure out which to pick because they’re both terrible choices and you perceive yourself as being equally miserable, so what’s the point in even choosing? Can’t we just stay here in limbo with our limbs flapping all over the place and running in circles? It might be nerve-wracking but it’s still better than either of the options we’re facing when stuck between a rock and a hard place.

However, let’s try this one on for size – stuck between a soft and a cozy place. (Pause, let it sink in.) Now, at first glance one might think, ‘hey! This is great! I can’t lose!’ Oh but how wrong One would be. Because One could lose. They would either lose the cozy or the soft, and neither of those can be ripped from One’s grasp very easily.  I know, I know ‘what a luxurious problem it is to have’, you say. ‘We should be so lucky’, you say. But I say, ‘Ney!’ Think about it, it’s actually quite a tough decision. You’ve got this idea in your head, after having worked so hard to get to this very platform, you’ve busted your booty (and it’s quite a big booty to bust), you’ve sacrificed so much and all you want as your reward for all your years of effort is a cocoon of softness and coziness. But you can’t have it. You can choose soft but not have the reassurance of cozy, or vice versa.

To choose soft is to choose safety and reassurance. With soft comes stability and peace of mind. On the other hand, to choose cozy is to choose convenience and an overall pleasant environment. With cozy comes sensory enjoyment and an unlimited reprieve from tedium.  Is it a charmed choice to have? Yes, in a way it is, but when you’ve worked so hard and find that you simply cannot have one without total loss of the other what are you to do?