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Most of the dogs that have come into my family have been adopted/rescued from a humane society or a dog rescue. Unless we’re getting a working dog who needs to be bred for a specific skill, this is what we believe in doing. There are so many animals going into shelters all the time (nearly 21 thousand each day in the US alone), that there’s really no reason to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a companion dog when you can save money and a life and still get ridiculous amounts of love. At any rate, my brother just got a new dog and as we’re pretty tight-knit we often think of our family as a “pack” that has just branched out under different roofs. All our animals interact and play together and we all love each and every one of them regardless of whose “buddy” they are. Below is my letter to the newest edition of our rather large pack.


You’re new here, and I know that can be overwhelming. We’re not 100% sure where you came from or what your history is, but that’s okay. We’re here to love you. I know you may not realize it yet, we can come on a bit strong at first, but you’re safe now and you will be for the rest of your life. We promise to always keep you safe and fed and happy. You might not know how to act yet, but you’ll soon find out that you can just be yourself here. See the big two-legged guy there? That’s the alpha. He’s here to protect us all. And the four-legged one sitting with the skinny two-legged boy? Well I know she’s a female, but you’ll soon find out that she’s something like the demi-alpha. She likes to keep the four-leggeds in line, but don’t worry, she’s just a big softy on the inside. Also, she gets distracted easily, see! Oh look! There she goes, off to chase a butterfly! Oh, that other two-legged guy there? Well, you can just think of him as your personal body-guard, or better yet your buddy. We like the buddy system here in this pack. You’ll notice that most of us Two-Leggeds have buddied up with a Four-Legged. Do you see that little four-legged black one there? That’s my life long buddy. She had a bad past too, but we rescued her and now I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s a princess… or a grizzly bear. You’ll get used to her.

I’m so excited that you’re here, and I can’t tell you how excited your New Buddy is too. I hope you’ve got a lot of energy in that 40 pound body of yours, because boy are you gonna need it! Your Buddy loves to run and hike, and jump and bike. And if you could help look out for the little tiny Two-Legged that’s always following him around I bet he’d really like that too. I know you’re pretty new to this organization, but I just know you’ll really love it with our pack. We’re the best one around, and we don’t even mind if you lick our faces!

Welcome to The Pack.