Hi there,
Welcome to ‘Love, Kae Cee’ a site in which I throw my heart and mind out into an unexpecting world in hopes of dousing the wildfire of constant reveries that I often find myself enveloped in.
I am an old soul with a young spirit, who has on more than one occasion wondered exactly how many interests one person can obtain before their personality is forced into shattering into separate characters. It seems to be my divine mission to live out Albert Einstein’s famous words, “I have no special talent I am just passionately curious” ABOUT EVERYTHING. This has been your warning. I cannot promise consistency, the likes of which I have found to be utterly predictable and an awfully boring way in which to live out one’s life. I also cannot promise that this blog will have a sense of any one underlying theme, tone, or even voice. What I do promise to my readers is that every post will be written with the true opinions of my mind, and filled with the current passions of my heart. Please enjoy the inter-workings of a twenty-something year old aspiring to achieve strength, grace, serenity, and faith.
Love Always,
Kae Cee

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